Merry Christmas!

I kinda think “prepping' and 'survivalism' are buzzwords people use to get you to buy something.  Sure, a few people will buy a years' supply of hermetically sealed freeze-dried food at Costco and lock it in a closet with the new AK-47 they have never fired and a bug-out bag with all the wrong stuff in it.  So you have a years' supply of food and a bug-out bag.  Do you have a years' supply of toilet paper, and water to cook the food?  You need about 50,000 gallons of water.  Do you have a way to see in the dark if the grid goes down for a month?  Do you understand that if the grid goes down the water will probably stop and the sewers will back up?

What do you REALLY have?  A tent.  some emergency blankets.  Maybe ten gallons of gasoline in the garage.  Do you have a plan to get your family together if the cell sites go down?  If you live in a metropolitan area and something bad happens, you and your entire family will have to survive from where they are at that second with what they have on them.

Do you understand that ANY plan you make assumes things will happen that WILL NOT HAPPEN  – and completely fails to account for the things you have not thought of – that WILL INVARIABLY HAPPEN?

I have spent about the last ten years trying to become self-sufficient.  First because I was going to co-author a book about 2012.  A disaster novel.  But everything I thought of was already happening.  So I dropped the novel and tried to develop a scenario that would do nothing more than keep small pockets of the human race alive through what was obviously becoming an extinction event.  

There is some good news.  The human race will survive.  Not a lot of us and the average life expectancy will drop back to pre-industrial levels.  And they might even be able to build back some semblance of a civilization.   NAHHHHHHHHH!  I'm betting on cockroaches and chickens.

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