The billion dollar drone.

America overdoes everything.  If I can make a reliable, targetable/controllable/programmable armed drone for a thousand dollars, by the time it gets to the military it costs a million.  With the exception of the Colt .45 automatic and the M-1 Garand,  America has never embraced the Russian concept of making products, and especially weapons, which are cheap and reliable.  Anywhere in the world you go, if you want a firearm that's going to work no matter what, it's going to be an AK-47. If you want something for $5 that will kill armored cars and even tanks, it is going to be a Russian RPG 7….but there are now RPG series up to RPG 32s commercially available to various militaries.

But the first company that fields a small, cheap, reliable, portable drone that will go find something and carry a payload reliably and will last for 70 years (like the AK-47), everyone in the world will standardize on it.  This cute little package is a step in the right direction. 

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