We are collapsing as a country.

It looks very much like the Republicans are going to continue with their backward ideas until the last of the TEA party candidates are tossed out of office and congress can revert to …if not a polite group….at least one that will pass the needed and required legislation to keep the country going- even if one side doesn't like it.

The way the process is SUPPOSED to work is that both sides of 

the aisle broker the best deal they can, pass it and move along. When one party simply says “Either we get our way or nothing gets done at all”, they are ignoring the electorate and pandering to whoever is paying them the most under the table.

President Obama won TWICE because the majority of Americans liked his agenda. Not because he stole the election in Florida like Bush did – although a bunch of Republican governors sure did their best to keep everyone except Republicans from voting. It didn't work. 

Romney was NEVER electable because he wouldn't cough up his tax returns so obviously they aren't honest – and because he has the moral compass of a gyroscope – and because he sees himself as 'someone' and everyone else as 'no one' and it shows. Hell, it shines.

And I notice that ALL….and I mean EACH AND EVERY ONE of the people who are whining about Obamacare are millionaires or billionaires who are not going to notice if they have to provide insurance coverage for their employees. That was never the real issue. The real issue was that rich people wanted to pay NO tax and Romney would have given that to them – at OUR expense.

But let me tell you what bothers me a little bit. The Republicans had to move so far to the right and pick all of the radical positions they did because, Ideologically, Obama is a Reagan Republican. The Republican party USED to be the progressive party. In fact, many of the progressive programs Obama has pushed were first put in place by Republicans.

The last four years would have been PERFECT for both parties to work together to achieve great things – because Obama was, and still is, essentially a Progressive Republican.

It didn't happen for a simple reason. People are becoming segmented. If you are a Republican, Obama is the 'enemy'. This segmentation can be racial, political, religious or for many other reasons. And it will continue and get worse and tear the fabric of society apart unless we realize something that everyone seems to have forgotten.

We are Americans first and everything else second. If we can't get back to that idea, we have nothing.

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