I can’t cure stupid.

I'm still amazed that a BUNCH of hard-line faux-Christian Republicans simply refuse to believe that the great majority of Americans don't want to go back to the middle ages; that we don't want women to be lesser citizens; that don't think rape is an Act of God, because it isn't – and that think any 'resource re-allocation' means 'socialism, even though NONE OF US HAVE ANY RESOURCES LEFT – but they cannot seem to grasp that there aren't any resources left to 're-allocate' BECAUSE the 1% now owns everything – and then these same idiots – Teabaggers – complain about their tax rate while electing rich politicians who cut the taxes of the people who CAN EASILY AFFORD to pay their fair share and SHOULD, and have even ASKED THE GOVERNMENT TO RAISE THEIR TAXES – to either zero or near zero. And THEN they blame the people who are trying to stop all that.

Mitt Romney makes $25 million a year in retirement after PERSONALLY bankrupting dozens of American companies and outsourcing THOUSANDS of American jobs overseas and then tried to blame it on Obama. But Mitt Romney didn't pay ANY taxes for ten years. He did that on purpose. That's what he does. That was his job during his entire career.

Think about why a hundred families would pay $1.2 BILLION dollars to win an election. Do you think Sheldon Adelson or the Koch brothers or Donald Trump or Mitt Romney give a shit about women's rights? They don't. They give a shit about owning everything. that $1.2 BILLION dollars was not a donation. It was an INVESTMENT and they expected it to pay huge dividends in the form of money and power because that's the only thing Mitt Romney has any experience doing – bending the rules for his clients.

And these fools got slapped down by We The People. Yet they think I am deluded for being able to tell fact from fiction.

I hope Obama has learned enough in four years not to fall for any more bullshit.

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