NRA President in Hilo on November 12 at the Naniloa.

The President of the NRA is coming to my island to give a speech in November.  Even though the NRA is pro-Romney, and I have explained to them that he cannot win, He still accepted the invitation.  I was personally asked by the President of the Conservative Forum of Hawaii to attend.  Since I am a life/Endowment/NRA instructor/Police Instructor, I agreed and I will be part of the security detail.  I assure you that I take VIP security quite seriously and I have never lost a client.  

Please come to the Conservative forum meeting at the Naniloa on the 12th at 7pm and be prepared to kick in a donation for his expenses.  Don't come with an attitude or a bad idea – because, even though you won't see me, I'll see you.  

Everyone who knows me knows that even if you want to play, you don't want to play with me.  That might well include attempts to disrupt the proceeding or march against our Second Amendment rights or protest the event or the NRA.  Or it might be something else – I don't care what.  

I declare the entire event to be a 'SAFE PLACE' and I guarantee it.  You are welcome and you will be greeted by friends who have your '6'. 

a hui hou

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