‘Occupy” myself.

I have a new plan.  I bought a home and then, because interest rates were very low, I took the money out of it and used it to make the property a self-sufficient farm.  Within a couple of months I can live here without any outside assistance.  If my entire sustenance, and therefore my life, depends upon my one-acre farm and the non-commercial food it produces, any attempt to take it from me is effectively a death sentence.

Now the lender, which based my loan application on a federal benefit over which I have no control, seems to think that if that lifetime benefit disappeared through no fault of mine, that they can take my property and sell it to someone else.  If, for instance, the economy collapsed and government retirements were cut or stopped, the bank could take my farm.

I have another idea.  If something like that happened, there are likely millions of sheep who would stand by and watch someone toss their belongings out into the street.  I seriously recommend to anyone who thinks they might have a fiduciary claim against my farm in the case of a national disaster – and that might include lenders, various local government entities, even property associations – that they simply cross me off of the list.

I am elderly by definition and I'm not going anywhere.  Go find the low-hanging fruit and pick that.  Believe me.  My farm is the last place anyone will come.  You don't want it that badly. 

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