The tsunami chronicles.

Aloha to everyone on the Warning List.  This is information only, no action or replies required.

After an earthquake in the Pacific basin, I start watching the buoys – usually within a minute.  I can do that remotely.  They are dispersed throughout the Pacific, specifically to measure vertical wave action.  If you pull up the chart – I am one of the few geeks who are interested in things like that – and you see 12 hours of 8-12' vertical movement with ~7 second spacing and the occasional 20 or 30' wave in sets… and the you see one rogue displacement of 20 or 50 or 100' that is not synchronized with the sets, you can pretty well figure some water was displaced somewhere.

If you are watching the series of buoys which happen to be between….for instance….Japan and Hawaii and you see it on consecutive buoys inbound, you have a tsunami – and you can time the speed exactly and estimate to within a minute when and where it will strike.

There are occasional rogue waves which seem to appear from nowhere – there is an interesting article in the Wiki here:  but they do not continue across oceans.

That's how I knew there would be a wave from Fukushima but not much from Vancouver.  And that's why I was out in the truck with the communications net operating after Fukushima and in bed when the sirens went off last night.  However, I did my duty and disseminated the warning information in a timely manner.

I shall continue to report government warnings in a timely manner – typically without comment and before the official announcement.  Last night I did comment on one blog that there might be a small wave – but that there was no tsunami.  There wasn't.  

Seriously, for all the money the government drips into shitholes in the middle east instead of into free college educations, it's not surprising that no one can figure any of this out.

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