The election results will be exactly as I stated them last March.

I read an OP-ED last week which said that 'undecideds' are dumb and eminently ignorable statistically. 

My counterpoint was that no one is undecided a week or two before an election if they intend to vote.  They may simply dislike polls.  

What I didn't mention – because I hadn't thought about it – is that about seven of every ten likely voters have now realized – or will, when the Frankenstorm hits – that climate change has a definite and quantifiable anthropogenic component. 

Those are all Obama voters.  The other 3/10 simply hate blacks.  Obama will win because Romney is not electable. 

Why: Even the CONCEPT of destroying the abilities of people to plan families rationally is foolhardy.  Women who do not want to be pregnant cannot get birth control?  Why is that the government's business?  Women who WANT babies but can't have them naturally cannot be artificially inseminated?  Why is that the government's business?  Women who are RAPED, MUST CARRY THE CHILD AND RAISE IT – AND IN ELEVEN STATES, THE RAPIST CAN SUE FOR VISITING RIGHTS AND EVEN CUSTODY, BUT NOT PAY CHILD SUPPORT?!?!?!?!   HOW THE HELL IS THAT THE GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS?

The problem is not energy or oil or global warming or the acidification of the oceans or the loss of ice or rising seal levels or dead zones or losing ~400 species a DAY to extinction or our complete loss of arable land within a hundred years or the depletion of water and food – or even nuclear disasters.  Those are not causes. They are effects.  The cause is population.  There are nearly 8 billion people on a 2.5 billion person capacity planet.  Adding energy only promotes birth rates.  Romney wants to invade your wife and daughter's vaginas and, in fact, own them.

Because the condition of continued overpopulation cannot be changed, even through nuclear war, pandemic or any other terrestrial event, we have now entered the Late Holocene/Anthropocene extinction event.  Let us not bring it to our own neighborhoods sooner than is necessary.

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