Philosophy without my glass of beer.

I can’t watch news anymore because I don’t believe anything except traffic accidents and actual disasters where I can count the bodies. Even then I’m skeptical.


I can’t read Most news outlets anymore because NONE of it is true. Even Huffpo hired some dumbass to add a dramatic word to EVERY effing headline: “Boy makes horrific discovery in garage!” ‘Jonny Jones opened the laundry room door Saturday morning, only to discover that his bicycle tire had gone flat.’ Sorry, I can’t take any more of that.


RT is about half full of shit, Al Jazeera is better, but it’s like some Bizarro FOX news – IF FOX NEWS COULD GET ANY MORE BIZARRE!


I can’t watch Bloomberg- he’s wrong about finance and he’s an anti-firearms person to the hilt – EXCEPT FOR SUPPORTING HIS POLICE OFFICERS who have gunned down more innocent civilians – LITERALLY – than Al Capone’s mob.


Obama can’t debate because he didn’t respect Mitt enough to actually practice debating. Being President has gone to his head – one of them.


Romney didn’t debate. He just lied for 45 minutes. Shouldn’t THAT disqualify both of them or will Romney actually have to be charged with felony tax evasion – which he is guilty of sure as those gloves didn’t fit OJ.


Obama actually looked like he looked in the situation room as the Seals went after bin Ladin. I’m pretty sure Obama is a physical coward and was afraid of Mitt – which is stupid because Mitt is afraid of Ann and in every picture I saw of her with her hand on Michelle’s back, I looked for a knife. Honestly, that’s the first thought that came to me. Ann would knife the Obamas in the back in a heartbeat – and anyone else. And then Mitt would steal their wallets and send them to the ER.


Listen. If this country can’t get a little smarter, we are going to go down hard and there won’t be any warning. It will just snap one day. Jesus won’t come to save you. No one will. The police will shoot you for your food.


The neighbors will come outside after not eating for a week and they will look like zombies and approach you with open arms for help. They are too stupid to live, but you can’t shoot them in your yard because the bodies will pile up and generate black plague.


Give everyone a meal and send them to the refugee center which is just a couple miles down the road. Off they will go. They will run out of water before they realize there is no refugee center.


You know all those FEMA camps that are being set up? No, you don’t. There is no purpose for them. They can’t feed everyone and they can’t kill everyone. So unless there is still a robust economy supporting them, and a transportation infrastructure, and the collapse scenario presupposes those things cannot exist or there would be no collapse. If you think they do exist, you are too dumb to  talk to me.


Want to know a secret or two? I am a demitted 32nd degree Scottish Rite Master Mason. I wear no identification, although I am a Knight of the Rose Crois, a York Rite crossed Knight Templar and I can wear a consistory ring and the skull and crossbones. What does all that mean? It means that I will help you if I can, to the limit of my abilities. That’s ALL it means. That’s the entire secret of masonry. To treat people square (or ‘on the square’). Not to cheat. lie or betray a brother (but that’s understood to mean anyone), or to take an unfair advantage. It means that if we have it, we share it and don’t expect repayment.


Now you know the entire secret life of a Master Mason – and I did not break my oath explaining it.


But there is a more sinister side that isn’t practiced anymore. If a Master Mason DID, lie, cheat or steal, there were, in the distant past, specific penalties.


In a collapsed economy you may want to remember that almost ALL of the Founding Fathers were Master Masons and gave their best efforts to their new country first and their personal pursuits only as they did not endanger the good of the nation. Those attributes have not been lost. They are being passed on. Not just by Masons. By Former military. By patriots. By people who love America first and not money first.


I hope there are enough of those pioneering spirits left.

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