Combat comes in many forms but it's all the same.  The terrain changes…the languages change….the weaponry evolves.  But it's all the same and one can't really describe it.  Words don't do it.  Pictures don't – movies don't. You can't get through it unscathed.  Even if you happen not to be wounded and spurt blood, it doesn't matter.  If you were there, you are wounded.  And you can't heal.  If you are lucky, you can learn to deal – but it's a facade.  Once you are in combat you never leave combat.

This is a pretty good video for people who have never been to that place.  I hope you never have to go.  But I want you to understand that a lot of people did go.  When they come home, they have to pretend to be like everyone else.  They aren't.  They aren't like anyone else.  Try and understand that we are all still there.  Please.


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