You have no privacy.

I don't know how many people actually understand the extent of their non-privacy.

I do, but simply saying 'You have no privacy' doesn't get anyone's attention. So here is a wake-up call. This is one of MANY data aggregators, and it is NO

THING compared to the government.

Try to grasp what is happening here. You cannot stop it, but you can TRY to screw up their algorithms. In the early days all you had to do was put in a list of words after your email that would trigger human intervention. That no longer works. In fact, it is unlikely that you can plot a terrorist attack online without the active participation of the government.

The system is so good that if I happen to say something which triggers a check, the check consists of another computer pulling up a list of all of my friends, all of my communications, all of my affiliations, credit history, travel history, debt load, medical history ….basically everything that I have ever done – including which store I last purchased from and what it was. That has been done hundreds of times for me, almost certainly because of my memberships and affiliations. There are only a limited number of people who are life members in the International Association of Bomb Technicians.

But none of this bothers me particularly because I gave up any pretense at privacy when I chose to be accredited to carry a concealed firearm in all 50 states. There is no doubt in my mind that my cellphone and my debit card, my computer interactions and even my truck toss up a location in real time anytime at all someone becomes interested. And it also throws up a list of everyone I know and everything I do – and now I am in a DNA database by request because I am participating in the Harvard study.

The point is that I don't care if Big Brother is watching me. But YOU need to understand clearly that he is watching you, too.

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