Georgia on my mind.

I'll tell you. I AM better off than I was four years ago.

My health is worse, but that's not Obama's fault. My health insurance co-pay is $15 now, but it's been $5 since I got it. I have no problem with that.  

And while Obama decided that he can kill or 'disappear' anyone, he didn't really decide that. It's a Bush legacy that he kicked up a notch. It's hard to blame him. The only two politicians who refused to stay in office were George Washington and Lyndon Johnson. Everyone else in politics would kill their mothers to be the most powerful person on earth – so private citizens don't have much chance.

While I don't LIKE that, I can't throw any blame. The pendulum always goes too far to the left and too far to the right before briefly swinging back through the center. If Obama hadn't grabbed the power he has, the Republicans would have. They are anyway. Some red states are simply refusing to comply with appellate court orders to extend voting hours back to where they were before the Great Republican Voter Purge of 2012.

The Republicans are flat out saying that if we don't let them buy the election – and they aren't buying it from US – they are buying it from their pals who own the media outlets – that they will just cut off anyone who would likely vote against them and STEAL the election. We know that's possible. Remember Dubya? They go further. They say that if we don't let them have ALL the money and accept no insurance and no jobs and no unions and no minimum wage and no rights for women and no 'Plan B' for rape, they will just start a shooting revolution.

So even though Romney and Ryan are weasels and REFUSE to have ANY meaningful discussions about their policies – OR EVEN ARTICULATE THEM – and won't show us their tax returns – and, in fact, won't say ANYTHING, they STILL think they will win by calling Obama a communist. And, of course, he's black – so he has to go!

You know what? To me that's bullshit. I only like ONE Republican, and that's my friend Linda Lingle, the former governor of Hawaii who is now 
running for the US Senate because the person who has been there since 1959 is retiring. EVERY OTHER ONE is a dipshit.

Go down the line and see what I mean. You'd be hard pressed to find even ONE Republican that isn't aligned with the backward ideas of the Taliban.

The simple truth is that this race is about race. The things Obama tried to do in a bi-partisan way were simply killed by the Republicans. Every time he gave in to them, they screwed him. After four years of that, his hair is white.

The Republican plan is to take the money and let us starve. Can we not do that, please?

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