The flight of the Bunglebee.

The Republican Hindenburg is nearing the end of it's flight and is expected to moor at Lakehurst, N.J. on Wednesday. Pilot Mitt Romney was quoted by reporters as saying “Everything will be fine as long as that idiot Gilligan keeps his hands off the controls”. 

The co-pilot, Paul Ryan kidded “I sure hope 'Stenchie' understands that we aren't flying to Kolob. Letting him steer this thing is l

ike giving Lindsay Lohan an F-22 and an 8-ball. 

Karl Rove, the flight engineer, was heard screaming at a group of pregnant women: “Your right to life ends at the hatch of my lifeboat! Out of the way, bitches!” As he dived into the lone escape capsule and ejected from what many now regard as the flight to hell.

Oh brother. Now his wife says she worries about his mental stability under pressure…

This, right on top of his musing that the 47% of the U.S. who are income tax moochers, are the ones who'll vote for Obama.
So, he can't worry about them.

Given, he stashes his money in Swiss and Caribbean banks, while refusing to release
6 of the last 8 years of his OWN tax returns, like Obama has and even his Dad did…

what kind of campaign is this guy running?

I hunt things that go 'bump' in the night.


Good. I am challenged by a body of work and an opinion.

Unfortunately, I am not given a vector by which to reply so I'll take it on indirectly.  Granted, the odds of any acetone level in the body approaching a combustion threshold approach zip.  However, the phenomenon has been observed dozens to possibly hundreds of times – so something's happening here.  What it is ain't exactly clear.

Conversely, something that HAS been predicted to have occurred billions of times in our galaxy alone: sentient life, has only been observed once – and the observers, by definition, cannot be objective.  So which is less likely?  That some chemical reaction of which we are unaware has happened multiple times, or that we exist at all on a distant peripheral arm of a galaxy in an unremarkable solar system?   

When I was in school plate tectonics was a crazy idea.  In many places, EVOLUTION is STILL a crazy idea along with anthropogenic climate change.  I think it might be quite possible for an experienced drinker to binge on high-test to a point at which normal people would die of alcohol poisoning.  It further seems possible that a few such individuals might have a genetic ability, and enough liver left, to supercharge a ketosis reaction and, at least for a moment, become volatile.  Long odds?  Sure.  Impossible?  Not proven.

So, if no one minds, I'll just keep this idea in the realm of possibilities until I am forced by a better explanation to discard it.  I'll even make a prediction. The alcohol involved will be gin and the explosive mixture is quite likely a combination of several chemicals including methane, all of which get their turn at rapid oxidation, or combine to promote a vigorous oxidation in the presence of a flame. 

I do appreciate the 'cunning stunts' comment.  🙂

a hui hou

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Sender's message: here's the link you quoted… Brian J. Ford THE MICROSCOPE • Vol. 60:2, pp 63–72 (2012) Solving the Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion the so called experiejmental demonstration, soaking porcine tissue in acetone? does contentration of acentone in body ever approach combustion threshold? unlikey. but grimmer and more challenging than slapstick failed stunts… but popular entertaining ratings goes to “cunning stunts” (ala Nabakov' Pale Fire, alliterative)– cheers,

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Spontaneous Human Combustion

Once in awhile I do something clever and people think I'm smart. Then instant karma comes along and slaps me to make sure “I” don't think I'm smart.

I have read about Spontaneous Human Combustion, albiet many years ago. It has been medically documented since the fifteenth century. It's rare and no satisfactory solution has ever been forthcoming.

Something extremely flammable must be in the to

rso of the victims, but (normally) in the legs. It can't be alcohol – alcohol metabolizes out of our systems very rapidly and isn't that flammable. Soaking meat in alcohol for a week won't make it burn. It has to be something else.

Finally, Brian J. Ford, writing in 'The Microscope' (vol 60, p63) made the observation that solves it for me – and I wonder why I didn't think of it.

“Triacylglycerol lipids cleave to form fatty acid chains and glycerol. The fatty acids can be used as an alternative source of energy through beta-oxidation, giving rise to the key metabolic molecule acetyl-CoA. This helps drive the energy producing Krebs cycle within the mitochondria of cells.

If the cells are starved (which can occur during chronic illness and even during a workout at a gym), acetyl-CoA in the liver is converted into acetoacetate which can decarboxylate into acetone.

A range of conditions can produce ketosis, in which acetone is formed, including alcoholism, fat-free dieting, diabetes, and even teething.”

So if you sitting or laying down (you usually have to be at rest) with a torso full of acetone and you happen to get near a spark, you can erupt in a fireball. Jets of blue flame will shoot from your body like flames from a blowtorch, and you will be reduced to a pile of ash within an hour. Your legs and the surrounding room won't burn.

He tried it by experiment and it produced exactly the results we see in SHC – except it isn't 'spontaneous'. There has to be a spark and the person has to be in a closed room and exhale enough acetone to carry the source of flame to their body, and specifically to their exhalations – which are now explosive. Historically this has been the persons themselves lighting a match.

Simple, eh? Why the hell didn't I think of it?

So what are the chances of YOU combusting? Almost nil – but still better than Rufus T, Firefly's chances of becoming President.

Is someone still planning to vote to elect this person PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

After his wife's plane had to make an emergency landing due to smoke in the aircraft, he made this profound statement to the LA Times:

“When you have a fire in an aircraft, there's no place to go exactly…And you can't find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don't open. I don't know why they don't do that. It's a real problem.” 

Killing at the water cooler war.

Mitt's smile is turning to a grimace before my eyes. He can't control his emotions – and he sure can't hide them. Lady Antoinette is starting to show a bit of surliness herself.

But who can blame them? Why should important people like that have to even TALK to mere citizens? Mitt deserves to be King and if we don't do what he says, he'll outsource all the REST of our jobs – like the ones at t

he company that disposes of aborted babies. Or the ones at his online piracy company….What? Oh, he SOLD his shares in that one? For a profit of course.

Thing is, everyone can make a profit as long as everyone is content making a FAIR profit. When the richest 1% decide they deserve ALL the profit – and Mitt is in that category – then there isn't anything left for anyone else. So we become moochers who somehow think we are ENTITLED TO FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, MEDICAL CARE and a decent education…oh…and a good job. Mitt doesn't think so. He thinks HE is entitled to everything and everyone else is entitled to nothing. 

Of course, we who are entitled to nothing happen to be the ones who do all the work. And serve the country and share our food with those who are hungry – like our veterans.

Mitt Romney is probably the most callous, uncaring, self-serving son-of-a-bitch I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. He's like a Latter Day J.R. Ewing (Dallas) – but MUCH worse. He's a corporate Count Dracula. He buys companies, sucks out their blood, steals the employees' pensions and runs the company into bankruptcy – and then he outsources their products to a company he owns in China. He's a one-man Biblical plague of locusts.

That's what he does. That is his business expertise. That's ALL he does. And then he hides HIS money offshore so he doesn't have to pay his fair share to the country which made it possible for him to stay out of jail. 

Now he wants to do that same thing with the American Treasury. He wants to own Europe through a leveraged buyout and let America go bankrupt. HIS TRILLIONS won't be here when it happens. He'll be long gone. 

Think about all of the good he has done for America and you discover that he hasn't done ANY. He has supported his church, but trust me – he has got all of the investments from everyone in that church to use to steal the rest of OUR money.

He cannot be elected or we are gone as a nation. He is not electable. He is dishonest beyond my ability to convey the depth and breadth of it. I must resort to crudity. Voting for him is equivalent to trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

Last expenditure.

Aloha All,

I have ordered a new Fiat utility tractor.  Fiat makes New Holland, Case/IH/Farmall and probably something else beside Fiat, but they are all assembled in the same plant and most parts interchange.

This one is Case Farmall branded.  It is a model 85U 4wd with ROPS.  The equivalent New Holland is a model T5040.  The equivalent John Deere is a 5085M and the equivalent Kubota is an M8540.

I could not afford a cab or an automatic transmission – this has a 4×3 12 speed, not synchronized between the ranges.   It's OK.  I can drive 4x3s.  I am getting a heavy 4-way self-leveling bucket with pallet forks and the biggest backhoe that will fit on the tractor.  Having chosen those options, I cannot afford a flail mower or a drag/ripper for cutting planting rows or a kiss from a cute girl, but I can screw up your car if you block my driveway.  🙂

I am constructing a 100 gallon 12v tow-behind liquid dispenser.  I am going to try very hard to buy a 20' 14,000gv electric/hydraulic tilt Bri-Mar down-rated to 9,999 pounds.  I can get a new gooseneck for the right price but that dedicates my truck and I am not sure I want to go that way.  I'd still have to buy and install the hitch.  And it's just out of my reach…so it will be difficult to do. 

I have no intention of tearing this up trying to do things it can't do – but it CAN do quite a few things that smaller farm tractors cannot – and it has the hydraulics and PTO to handle anything in the 80-100 hp utility tractor field.  It has standard quick-connect fittings, will handle all universal attachments and has the extra control for a 4-way bucket on the joystick as well as dual rear hydraulic systems which work independently from each other and the with the PTO which is settable to a constant speed of 540 RPM.

I am sending this email because, while this tractor isn't a 'real' construction machine, like a Case 590 Super M, it's also not a small machine and can still be transported with the truck I have.  I know it's too big for my little farm, but I also understand that many of my friends and acquaintances have both larger and smaller equipment – or none at all – and need intermediate tractor work on occasion – when I need bigger or smaller.

I see the equipment market tanking very soon for heavier gear, and I believe that people will need to use this type of tractor for that niche segment between 40 and 100hp.  This tractor will have to go out for money or barter because there is fuel and maintenance – but I am not in the rental business and I have no desire to MAKE money – just to break even on wear, tear and the payments.  I am 64.  This tractor will have to last me for the rest of my life and do the work I can't do anymore.  Since it's not going out for profit, I have no incentive to break it.

The tractor is on-island, but the bucket, backhoe and trailer are 2+ months out.  It will be housed indoors.  I have no umbrella policy at the moment and cannot rent equipment.  If you know of a good company, I'd be interested in knowing who.  Otherwise, if you need a special attachment, you will have to rent or otherwise provide it on-site.

If you are receiving this email there is a very good chance that we have established some mutual trust relationship and this tractor will therefore be available as a resource to you within it's limitations.  I had better be lucky for another couple of years.  I cancelled my health insurance to buy this – but they don't seem to be able to fix the things going wrong now, so I'd rather have a tractor.

I am linking a representative picture of the basic tractor model.  It is very close.

a hui hou