Prison in Norway.

Anders Breivik, the guy who shot and killed 77 people, mostly one by one, at leisure, was declared to be perfectly sane by a Norwegian court and given a 21 year sentence (which is the longest sentence you can get in Norway, even if you killed half the country). So he is getting a little over 3 months per victim. When the judge asked him if he accepted the sentence, he said: “I want to apologize to other national militants in Norway and Europe because I didn’t manage to kill more people.” At this point the judge interrupted him and didn’t let him continue. Supposedly, when the 21 years are up, they can extend his stay in prison if he still has the same attitude and is still considered a danger. In the meantime he will have his own private room with private bath, a small private gym, and flat screen tv.

These are pictures of his prison:  scroll through them.

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