It just gets better every day.

A capillary exploded in my eye this morning.  I suspect it was an artifact of a detaching retina.  I have never met the criteria for a T2 diabetes diagnosis but I suspect this is a diabetic retinopathy and I am proceeding on my diagnosis until and if it is ruled out.

While I am not yet blind, my vision is severely degraded to the point at which I will no longer fly, drive commercially, or participate in activities in which the lack of binocular sight see might jeopardize someone's safety. Looking through that eye is like looking through a red spider web underwater.  However, on an island during the weekend, problems like this are personal problems.  I will seek an Opthalmology appointment on Oahu as soon as an appointment is available to try and stop further damage if possible.

Because a hard fall or a sharp blow to the head at this point could result in immediate and total blindness and, in fact, is a likely result – and because sudden blindness is a death sentence at my age in any defensive situation, it is now my policy to take all physical threats as deadly threats and respond immediately and without warning once a viable threat is issued – whether verbally or by any other means.  

That means if you accost me ANYWHERE in any way with a VIABLE threat, I shall consider it incumbent upon myself to defend my life with lethal force at that point if I cannot escape safely.

Furthermore, because I must now disqualify myself as a Tactical Instructor for advanced firearms and combat training, those classes are no longer available.  Florida CCW classes are available ongoing.  

Conversely, anyone who thinks tomorrow might be a good day to try your luck is cordially invited to step up.  🙂

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