Here comes the sun.

I am going to build out my aquaponics farm beginning next month.  All of the rest of the infrastructure except solar power is in and it's time.

To all of the people who were invited to participate and wouldn't, good. I now have the knowledge and the resources to do it by myself via my new ohana who are fooled that I'm not really a crusty old curmudgeon – or at least want me to stop tossing the neighborhood children in the imu…because they aren't properly fattened up with healthy organic food.  It's a perfectly good reason if you think about it.  I don't want YOUR happy meal in MY happy meal.  We gotta think healthy!  

So when the rest of you finally grasp that I wasn't kidding about the economy and I was busy doing something about it …and you are hungry and I'm not, you will realize that when your money WAS good you wouldn't participate….and so, when it no longer is, you don't get to eat. Got a bag of gold? See how well it digests.

This post is going to a limited number of people.  The ones who are walking down the road calling for their kids probably won't be addressees.    

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