Obama: advised by morons.

How Obama took a guaranteed, lay-down win and turned it into a contest – that he might lose!

I think it's pretty simple. He didn't do any of the stuff he promised to do during his first campaign. Now no one cares much what he says and they won't care much about voting for him – so the huge voter turn out he had the first time simply isn't going to appear this time. Sure, there are some die-hard fans – and many of us grasp that giving the government back to the Republicans will turn us into a third-world country. But most people are simply oblivious.

The real problem isn't that difficult to understand. He can't so the job. He doesn't have the balls and neither do any of his top-level advisors.  None of them are leaders.  And, probably, none of them are patriots. In fact, either Summers or Geithner (or both) are agents of a foreign government in my opinion.  No one could screw up that badly unless it was on purpose.

So what do we do? Re-elect him and let the country go to shit…because the Affordable Care Act, whether ir passed or not, cannot be financed. We are broke. We can't add millions of uninsured people who can't find jobs and therefore can't pay taxes.  I hate that idea.

Or do we give the helm to a total waste of humanity like Mitt Romney…and let the country go to shit?  I hate that idea just as much.  Why don't we have a choice between two HONEST Americans?  Because there are none left in politics.

Frankly, I don't thing many people give a damn anymore. We are already treated like prisoners by our own government – whose only job is to provide us with MORE freedom and liberty and MORE opportunities – not less. Peaceful protesters are shot in the street…everything you say or do is recorded…and even if you are trying to make ends meet you are still going to lose your house. Even if there is no mortgage, there are taxes. And if they raise those taxes, you will discover that you are merely leasing that home from the government – which can take it back if they decide to.

“Oh, Obama is a socialist and wants to redistribute the wealth”. Oh really?  You don't have any wealth in the overall scherme of things – so if it WERE redistributed, YOU'D GET IT. And for that matter, since you are only leasing your house from the tax people anyway, tell me how that ISN'T 'socialism'. You can't, can you.  The banks are stealing everything but Obama wants to “Look forward, not backward”.  Which means the criminals in business and government aren't prosecuted. YOU are prosecuted.

Or maybe you'd like to tell me how all the major corporations off-shoring jobs and leaving us without them isn't socialism. Tell me how striking the First, Second , Tenth, Fourteenth….Wait…just tell me how pissing the whole thing out the window and authorizing open-ended detention without trial or charges is not Socialism. Bush did that. Obama has continued it instead of 'changing the way business is done in Washington'.

YOU HAVE NO MORE RIGHTS. NEITHER OBAMA OR ROMNEY ARE GOING TO RESTORE THEM. Start thinking of 'Plan B'. Plan B may require that you give your life to provide a future for your children. It may require that your children actually contribute something to society instead of being one of the only two classes of people the government still recognizes: Rich, privileged people to which the laws do not apply, or leeches who should be dead or in prison…like combat veterans.

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