Protecting Pele.

This is Pele in February, 2012.   

This is a picture of the Big Island.  See all the black and brown?  That's lava.  See all the emissions?  Those are toxic.



Let's look closer:   See the black on both sides of the picture?  That's lava.  See the emissions?  And do you see where the geothermal plant is?

Let's look even closer:   This is the Geothermal plant from 2,000 feet up.  Do you see all the emissions?  NO?  


So maybe it's that we live on an ACTIVE VOLCANIC ISLAND that has something to do with making people sick.  I'm not saying emissions from a well might not cause problems – but people who live right in the middle of a hot zone, right between two active vents, can't blame their problems on the geothermal plant.  Get a full-face respirator, like I have, and use it to evacuate if you have to.  That's what the people in Volcano do – the smart ones.

I'm saying that we live on a volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and have exactly ONE natural resource.  ONE.  And it could provide all our energy needs forever at a fraction of what we are paying now…essentially free, except to maintain the equipment.  But instead of welcoming this resource as a gift, and using it as the gift that Pele has given to us to use, and doing it intelligently, people act completely irrationally about this and almost everything else – and that's why your voices don't count.

Remember that video at the top of the page?  If Pele didn't want that geothermal plant, it would look like that in an hour.   If people in the past experimented with crappy technology, then they did.  All technology fails at some point.  The Titanic…the Challenger…and the old geothermal plants.  What's more dangerous?  The geothermal plant or picking opihi?

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