Bleeding hearts and their addiction to illogic.

The case against going back in time and making better choices doesn't exist.  The concept fails every logical construct possible.  

The players and their antecedents and descendants through hundreds of generations (in most cases) are dead. In most of these cases, the countries involved no longer exist at all and the families have been dispersed or have died out. Your suggestion is that as societies evolve, they should, at some point, try to travel back in time and change history for the sake of 'fairness'.

The reason that doesn't work is that history is written by the winners. If the other side wins, the history is completely different – so SOMEONE is going to claim to be the victim in any case. Shall we try to go back and change EVERY historical event?  We already have a way to do that.  It is called “WAR”.  You are agitating for war to change a peaceful decision that was not yours to make in the first place. 

I can probably explain how non-sensical that point of view is, but I shall give you just one example.

Queen Lili'uokalani had an entire armed royal guard. She could have ordered them to wipe out the Americans and they could have done that quite easily. She didn't. She has MUCH more to gain by not doing so and Hawaii is still benefitting from that decision. All these roads and schools are from American taxpayer dollars that didn't originate here.  We have no industry except tourism and it doesn't pay for roads. 

History moves on. You weren't there, so you cannot rescind her decision, or even ask why she made it. She was the ruling monarch. She made a choice. 

Your argument is that she made the wrong choice and we must, therefore, go back in time, invalidate her Royal Commands, negate the vote for statehood in 1959 and turn Hawaii back into a country like Micronesia because a few hundred people want the money and land for themselves.  What is fair about that?  What even makes sense about it?

In fact, the crux of the argument is a bunch of dumbasses who want the American military to leave because they don't believe in war.  Here's the illogic with that.  If the American military left…and took it's billions of dollars a year and hospitals and military retirements with it,  China would be here in two weeks.  And they wouldn't leave.  And that would cause a nuclear conflagration that would destroy this state.  We are Americans.  The American military is on our side.  America protects, educates and supports this state at a loss, and you want to give that away so you can be a slave to a hapa Hawaiian?  

Pull the other one. 

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