Michael Krieger On The Rebirth Of Barter

And the Big Island is the epicenter of barter according to antifaschistishe

Sat, 04/28/2012 – 11:50 | 2382269 Antifaschistische

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What's in my wallet?  Cash.  

It's not the time for those of us who know what's coming to start trading washing machines for gasoline.   It's time for us to use cash only, and shop at independent owner operated businesses ONLY.   Leave the rest to the business owners.   This is our underground today.   Sure, I've got metals and if you want to buy your buddies pistol for 1/2 an oz of gold that's cool.  It's just not necessary and I'd rather keep my gold.

I spent a week on the big island of Hawaii last month and saw at least 100 places with this sign out front “cash only”.   When I see that, I'm there.   When Hawaiian's start experiencing the wrath of the Tax Collector that's when they should resort to torches.  And when we all sit on a jury of people who are fighting back against the machine we ignore the judge's “instructions” and say “not guilty”!!  That IS our power, and it's the ONLY power we have left…and when they take that power away, which they will, then we know what's next.

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