Well, shit.

If I still had a few acquaintances before today, most of them disappeared in the shitstorm.  But ALL those council members have districts.  And ALL of those districts have more than 300 people.  And after having to sit through hours of that, they are all going home – especially if they had to drive back to Kona last night….and they are going to think “Man, I drove all that way to listen to that?  

They are NOT going to think about why they should stop a geothermal plant because of accidents that happened prior to 2004.  They are going to think about important things like banning plastic bags and making it illegal to smoke in a car containing a person under 18 years of age.  And because we put them through that, we will never get another vote in our favor for the next four years.

And I gotta catch the blame because I was there and I saw it happening and I couldn't do anything about it.  Except say it.  So I said it.

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