Two comments from locals.


It should not be HELCO building the Geothermal Plant (GP) it should be the Hawaiians.  They (the Royal Trusts, DHHL, OHA, and other interested parties) should know that they produce power, they have power (literal and political).  Instead, these  guys squawking because they not invested and not going get anything from the deal.  They not too bright, brah.  Not like you.  You one kind of smart Haole guy, brah.  Weird, but smart. 
If the Royal Trusts decided to go  ather investors and build not one 30 Mega Watt plant but one 100 MW plant, they could not only sell the juice to the grid but could develop industries on this island that are not currently here.  They could request JPL, MIT, Cal Tech.,  Texas Tech, even the UH for come to their technology park right next to the power plant and use electricity for a significantly reduced cost but the building, plumbing , electrical work, labor, accounting, attorneys, food service, maintenance, etc. comes from Hawaii Island labor.  They bring the project but must train locally.   
There should be a general use electric furnace  used to melt all the cars and trash into rebar or ingots.  And an ultra pure furnace for developing ultra pure products.  We would be able to evaporate and condense the waste water waste for fertilizer for the reforestation projects, and we would be able to create plasma to incinerate all the trash and the plastic bags that is going into the landfill.  They would be able to close the land fill and would only need to collect the ash.  Plastic could be melted into products, paper could be recycled into toilet paper.
What is in it for the dummies?  Get off the drugs and maybe the power plant / tech facility would have a job for them.  If they have the drilling rig, they can drill for more sources of water.
The council does not have the imagination, so that is why they need one Haole guy like you for guide them, brah.


Ask anyone in Hawaii about superstitious beliefs based on oral myths – who is Pele – and the reply very likely will be: Pele is the volatile gin drinking goddess of the Volcano. Drilling into Pele is impossible, because like all gods and goddesses can't be drilled because they only exist as a construct of human imagination. Exploiting geothermal energy is a sensible use of available resources.  It is a desecration of the evolution of the human mind to think it's sacrilegious.  Pele, was born out of not understanding the dynamics of a volcano, and the need to make sense out of a mystery. Pele is not for sale except for the graven images which are on sale at most souvenir trinket stores and art galleries.  Today, our entire planet is in ecological crisis because of disrespect for the sacred and selfish irrational beliefs.  Mother nature, like all imagined mythic entities is telling all of us in muted unconscious terms, only that which we project upon our mythic creations. So to restore respect for logic and enlightened rationality, we might all admit that humans create the gods and imagine their motivations to substantiate their personal needs.  In Hawaii, we should respect each other and engage in actions that are sustainable for the land of Hawaii.  Do what is pono – and realize it is a process to do the best we can.  Let Pele be the creation of those self anointed believers who imagine that gods talk to them. No more illogical and delusional talk about geothermal drilling. Irrationality can be contagious and an injury to all. There are many clean, safe, energy alternatives that free us from fossil fuel addiction, and do not violate Hawaii’s ancient cultural religious beliefs, and can help us all live more lightly upon this earth.

Just a few concept adjustments for clarification – Joe

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