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There is a new post on the Malu 'Aina blog: 'Sign petition to Respect Pele: No
More Geothermal Drilling!'

This petition on clipboards was put on tables at the Hawaii County Council
April 24, 2012 public hearing on Geothermal energy in Pahoa.  Nearly 200 people
added their names at that hearing.  Please consider adding your name and
getting others to sign as well.  If you know of ways people can sign this
petition on […]

See the entire post here: “

It therefore follows, and there is no other choice, that all volcanic eruptions are caused by gods that live in them and those gods must be appeased.   That volcanoes existed before life on earth is irrelevant.  Similarly, the identities of the gods responsible for the Pinatubo eruption, Vesuvius, Tambora, St. Helens, Krakatoa, Eyjfjallajokull, Nevado and Nevada del Ruiz remain unidentified, as well as the various gods which cause tornadoes, earthquakes, famine and disease. 

To me, the concept of a young woman sailing from Tahiti with an egg containing one of her sisters secreted in her armpit, and landing at all of the northern Hawaiian islands before coming the the Big Island to be killed by her sister- and them moving her spirit into an existing volcano is the only theory of volcanoes which makes any sense. 

Arguing against geothermal based on the merits of the case is one thing.  Arguing against it by attempting to make it an emotional issue – or invoking the goddess of the volcano goes so far as to disrespect Pele herself.  If she didn't want that geothermal plant, it would be gone in an hour.  Like this.


But you know, being a god isn't like it used to be in the old days.  In the past, people paid tribute so you didn't kill them.  Now they petition the County Council.   Pele is the goddess of volcanoes.  Magma isn't her blood – it's her toy.  She can choose to move to another island just like she chose to move here. Loihi is volcanic.  Maybe she already has.


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