Bailing out the titanic with spoons.

It's going to be complicated but it doesn't have to be.  There are a lot of “I wants” in here, but I want them anyway. 

I want the Constitution back in place, and the basis for ALL our laws as it's supposed to be.  I want the government's eyes out of my bedroom and their fingers out of my daughter's vagina.  I want everyone to carry a gun who is qualified and competent with a gun and I want them to be able to defend themselves and their homes and families.  

I want women to be equal partners and not brood mares. 

I think your relationship with God is between you and God. Don't tell me how much God loves everyone. That obviously isn't true or we wouldn't need the Marine Corps.  And Brother, we NEED the Marine Corps!  I notice that most of the sissie fooks who are so wound up on God couldn't get into the Marine Corps on a bet – so God can't love THEM!  

Furthermore, I don't care if you are gay or WTF color you are as long as you got my 6 on the battlefield.  We had gay Marines in the 1700s and in the 1800s and in the 1900s and in the 60s and no one cared then and no one needs to care now.  One of my my Sergeant-Majors was gay.  Why should I care?  Why should YOU?  Mind your own business.

Let me tell you about schools.  Schools ought to teach what we know – or THINK we know – about the world and how to function in it.  School is not a place for teaching kids to believe in witches or elves or father-figures who live in clouds.  That's for church, and it's not a lesson.  It's an opinion. 

The problem is that if you allow one belief system in, you have to allow them ALL in.  Christianity is pretty benign lately, but the Muslim faith isn't. You do NOT want Sharia law here!  I don't want ANY religious system in schools even though I accept the Pledge of Allegiance – which was changed in 1954 to include 'under God' and shouldn't have been.  When I grew up there were no 'born again' anythings.  You went to church if you wanted to and you didn't if you didn't want to and afterward everyone was still friends.  Life went on.

If you can square my beliefs, which basically say that everyone is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as long as they don't TRY to hurt anyone else – because that person is armed and will kill them if they try – and if you can agree that life is created when a woman delivers a viable offspring which is capable of living by itself with normal maternal care – that life is NOT created when a man lusts in his heart or when a blastocyst is formed (even the Bible says that a child isn't 'counted' until it has been alive for a month) then we can start to agree on everything else and work out our differences. 

And THEN we can fight for each other's freedoms.  FREEDOMS.  Not laws restricting freedom.  The government needs to stop making laws to restrict everything and start making laws ALLOWING everything.  We knew this in 1775.  We forgot it about 1860.

What has happened is that corporations have bought their way out of any oversight while piling restrictive laws on anyone who complains.  Now the government is doing it too with the TSA Nazis.   That's backward.  The government is supposed to be of, by and for THE PEOPLE, ALL THE PEOPLE, not just the rich people. 

Look, I'm a scientist with a minor in psychology.  I studied propaganda extensively and I understand it better than most. 

When people are given a choice, they think they have free will, even if the choice is between a red goat and a blue goat. They aren't really choosing anything. 

As long as we argue that Republicans are America's regressive enemies and liberals are America's socialist enemies, we can't see that we are ALL AMERICANS and we ALL WANT THE SAME THING!  'They' (than't another rant) have us fighting among ourselves over stupid shit BUT WHATEVER COLOR GOAT WE CHOOSE, IT IS STILL A GOAT!  That's not a choice. That's propaganda and it merely keeps us fighting among ourselves so we will never notice that our freedom and liberty and right to the pursuit of happiness is gone and someone else owns everything and WE AREN'T STAKEHOLDERS ANYMORE. 


We are the Titanic.  We have hit an iceberg.  The captain and crew have taken the lifeboats to their private islands.  They are safe and they have been gone for awhile now. And we have no lifeboats.

We the Passengers, WHO PAID FOR THE RIDE BEFORE WE LEFT THE DOCK with our blood and taxes are going back and forth between two dumbasses for advice.  

One says we must bail out the ship with blue spoons and everyone who already has a spoon must buy one for the people who don't – but the purser's office is underwater so they will take IOUs – which are mandatory. 

The other insists that we must use red spoons and someone should have to pay for them but the purser's office is underwater so they will discount our tickets and take IOUs against the discount to buy the spoons.  And that rainbow-colored spoons are evil and can't be used.  

And that the entire iceberg thing is a plot by the (insert group, race, country, party, gender here) to corner the market on spoons.  WTF?!?!?!?  We are blaming each other for something none of us did.  We are accusing our fellow countrymen of being Americans like it's a bad thing – BUT THAT ISN'T WHAT'S WRONG!

Instead of bailing, WE ARE ALL ARGUING OVER HOW TO PAY FOR SPOONS THAT WON'T SAVE US AND WHAT COLOR THEY HAVE TO BE. That isn't the point at all!  None of that matters because spoons won't help.  When the ship sinks, and it's going down fast, we will ALL go down with it.  Not just some of us.  

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