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I think its important to remember how we got into this mess.

A group of maids, factory workers and service industry workers got together and pushed through the repeal of Glass-Steagall, effectively deregulating the financial industry. Then, custodians and 

farm hands proceeded to make loans to anyone without checking if they were qualified to pay them back. 

Then some single mothers making minimum wage as waitresses developed a scheme to carve up the bad loans and sell them as AAA. When the whole thing collapsed, college students working the 

night shift at the local convenience stores began to foreclose on those bad mortgages, but had to first falsify signature through robo-signing, thus committing massive illegal fraud.
Since maids, factory workers, waitresses, farm hands, college students and single moms and working people caused the huge financial collapse, it is appropriate to make them pay for it.

I mean, its not like it was the banker's fault. Right?

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