Your tax dollars at work.

What is Santorum doing about it?  Blasting Romney for tying a dog on his car.  Good.  It shows that Romney knows dogs and women have to ride on the roof or in the trunk on the way to their mandatory intra-vaginal ultrasound.  Santorum is also declaring war on porn. What is Romney doing? After ten […]

Good if it passes.

8:33 pm – March 16, 2012 — Updated: 8:33 pm – March 16, 2012 Bill would allow small-scale energy production on farms By Erin Miller West Hawaii Today Hawaii’s ag land can already be used to grow crops for biofuel, for solar energy production and for wind farming. Now, farmers using the land for agricultural purposes may be allowed […]

New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness

I have not independently verified this, so it immediately becomes suspect.  However, judging from the recent activities at the White House, I have no reason at all to disbelieve it. Again, this is forwarded WITHOUT VERIFICATION!  I DO NOT VOUCH FOR IT'S ACCURACY!