Conservative Republicans believe…an OP-ED

That reality exists in their minds and nowhere else; evidence be-damned.  

The climate isn't changing.  A few dozen scientists made it up (for the completely insane reason of obtaining funding for research which would prove them wrong and disgrace them professionally).  The ice caps aren't melting either.  It's not raining.

Women don't own their reproductive systems.  Men do.  In fact, men own women, period.  Rich men also own poor men…and black men…and everyone else.  (Conservative men have short memories – and penises.  So do Conservative women like Lindsey Graham.)

FOX news really IS fair and balanced.  Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck speak for America.  Women who want reproductive choices are sluts and prostitutes.

Rich people deserve not to pay taxes.  The 99% should carry them at the cost of our jobs, retirement, medical care and even food.  But we can't use contraception.  Rich people also have no responsibility to serve in the military – just make decisions about who we should go to war with next.  The list is long – as long as it doesn't affect them personally.  Rich people are 'entitled' to everything they have and everything everyone else has but it's not called 'entitlement'.  It's called a 'divine right'.

This part is puzzling to me:  'Redistribution of wealth' from the rest of the world to the richest 1% is 'Democracy'.  Allowing the 99% to make a decent wage for a fair job of work is 'Socialism'.  This is the same mindset King Louie and Marie Antoinette had.  From that follows the concept that 99% of the citizenry must be kept 'in line', by force if necessary, so that the 1% are not discomfited in any way.  That strategy has been tried from time immemorial and always fails eventually – at a horrible cost.

A bunch of Conservatives apparently believe that a resolution introduced in the House last week contained articles of impeachment against Obama. It doesn't. It's a political statement and means nothing.  It was referred to the House committee on the judiciary, of which the ranking member is a Democrat.  It won't be coming out of committee.

More conservative beliefs:

All of this irrationality is approved by God.  The same God the Muslims worship.  But the Muslims are doing it wrong so we have to kill them. (Muslims, who are just as ignorant as conservatives, think the same thing about Christians.)

There is more.  Replacing Obama isn't going to happen – but it makes no sense anyway.  He is 3.5 years into a Presidency and is beginning to understand how Washington works.  Mitt Romney is five years into a Presidential campaign – and he has no clue AT ALL!  He can't quite beat Rick Santorum yet, who is a religious fundie nutloaf.  And Rick is just barely ahead of Newt Gingrich, who is a scab on the ass of society. 

So just as the world is crashing into depression and war….and it will… we should replace the only person on the team with experience?  Never happen.  Closet-Nancyboys like Lindsey Graham in the Republican ranks have been running this country for too long.  There is a reason for all this anti-woman activity and it has to stop.  Religious fanatics have to go.

Or we can turn the Conservative way.  Take the vote away from women.  Kill all homosexuals.  Nuke North Korea, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela and California.  Declare the Constitution unconstitutional.  Forbid public assembly.  Tax only people who have no jobs – and make them get drug-tested on YOUR dime.  Stop providing family planning.  Make women pop out babies until they die and then marry a new one.  Send all those kids to factory jobs or to work in coal mines at ten years old.  Join the Flat Earth Society…or the conservative forum…or whatever it's called now… and let us renounce sanity and the concept of working together once and for all.

You people are living in Bizarro world.  The Republican conservatives cannot even field any serious competition to Obama and I'm not happy about that because I don't like him.  But to show you that you are full of air and I'm not – and that you don't have the courage of your convictions and I do – because I have always been right, I have $10,000 CASH that says Obama will beat any Republican contender in 2012.  I know that's pocket change to many of you.  So are you REAL Republicans, or just mouths?

$10,000 says you are mouths and don't deserve my respect.


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