Iwo Jima in my yard.

Sixty-seven years ago, AMERICAN MARINES raised the Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima.   TODAY, and EVERY DAY, 24/7/365, the Betsy Ross Stars and Bars flies proudly in my yard because I am an American and a Marine. It's not 'politically incorrect' to fly the flag.  I may not like the way the government is […]

Keep your nose in your own business.

Marriage is just a piece of paper – like the Constitution. The Constitution says 'freedom, liberty and justice for all – and something about the right to the pursuit of happiness. It's not just Republicans and religious fundies who have the right to pursue happiness. It's everyone. These 'moral judgements' and religious dictates have another […]

Conservative Republicans believe…an OP-ED

That reality exists in their minds and nowhere else; evidence be-damned.   The climate isn't changing.  A few dozen scientists made it up (for the completely insane reason of obtaining funding for research which would prove them wrong and disgrace them professionally).  The ice caps aren't melting either.  It's not raining. Women don't own their […]

Stupid of the week.

Panetta went to Afghanistan and made the combat troops disarm before they could be admitted to his august presence.  Combat troops are armed because they are in combat – or at least in a combat zone.   If you do not trust your own military, who can you trust?  A personal bodyguard of private mercenaries? […]