NEO upcoming close earth approaches. Sunday’s happy talk. :-)

These are the ones we KNOW about – just through the middle of May.  There are MANY we don't.  When one sneaks out of nowhere, we typically have 48 hours notice.  Not long enough to do anything.  And that happens at least once or twice a week.  They aren't reported – what's the point?  Most just slide by or graze the atmosphere, but some hit.  Little ones for the most part, but there are big ones lurking and we have a date with some of them.

If it were JUST overpopulation – OR energy, OR water, OR government ineptitude, OR continuing war (now nearing the nuclear realm) OR earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis…if it we JUST the climate changing abruptly and presaging an upcoming an extinction event – if it were JUST the GUARANTEE of a NEO slamming us at some unknown time in the near future, or the food companies growing so desperate for profits that they resort to adding millions of pounds of pink slime and various inedible non-foods into out food.

If it were JUST that the price of gas was heading to $10 a gallon and we are going to run out anyway at any price – and will have to convert coal to synfuel and finish destroying the atmosphere in the process.  If it were JUST that we are losing arable land to desert so fast that we won't have any more forests or arable land at all in less than 200 years – and no plants will be left to recycle CO2 into oxygen, we could probably deal with it.

But all of it together is a perfect storm.  Just ONE more big disaster like BP's Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico – which, by the way, isn't plugged.  It's about to blow the whole bottom out of the gulf – or one more Fukushima – which, by the way, isn't contained.  It's getting worse too, and poisoning the Pacific ocean.

Just ONE MORE big disaster.  And the bad thing is that it has already occurred; it's just happening in slow motion – like the FACT that Monsanto's GMO Frankenfood is loose in the wild and will destroy the world's grain supplies over the next two generations – or ONE nuclear war in the middle east that shuts off oil production to the world.  Or ONE super volcano or ONE MORE MAG9+ earthquake….say along the San Andreas fault.  Or ONE NEO strike by an object 300 feet across, will wipe the human race off the face of the earth.  Immediately. Within days or, at most, a couple of weeks.

But that's not the whole story.  Because the world spends so much on destructive technology and almost none on how to prevent or mitigate disaster, the basic services, such as hospitals and redundant water and power supplies and emergency food distribution have been cut to the bone.  Even our weapons systems are tired and worn out.  So when something bad happens – and something bad ALWAYS happens, no one can help.  We have budget-cut our way to an illiterate, incompetent, greedy, shallow, and generally stupid population which would rather argue over inanities than work together.  Our political process is corrupt.  Our business practices are corrupt.   

ONE MORE STRAW will break the earth's back.  It's coming.  You can't prepare for it.  Bags of silver and gold won't help you.  Jesus can't save you.  You're screwed, mate.

Say 'Goodnight', Gracie.

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