Homeland security.

Homeland Security begins at home, not at the airport.  My property line is my border.  The rest of you can occupy Wall Street or march in Oakland if you want to.  You can complain that the government is screwing you – and they are – because you are letting them.  You can worry about whales or Obama or any of the other nonsense people can think of to distract you from the world – but you need to keep focused.

You can be whiners, like my rich acquaintances who have nothing to whine about or you can be victims.  You can snivel and complain that the world is going to shit, and you're right.  Complaining about it accomplishes nothing, zip, zero, nada.   

Get a gun, get a plan, get self-sufficient.  Do it now.

I'll believe corporations are people when owning one is considered slavery.


90% of success is showing up.  Getting the math right is the other 50%.


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