Common sense.

The US wants to be the 'FIRST' in everything – but it is failing miserably.  We have the best nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines because we have almost the ONLY nuclear aircraft carriers and submarines.  But we don't make the best military equipment – not even close. We probably make better jet engines, but the Russians make better jet fighters.  We can't put anything in the air that will match a Suhhoi PAK FA.  Buy 'em. Same with small arms. Our M-60 light Machine gun is a modified WWII German machine gun.  Russia makes better ones.  Buy 'em.  Want to save money?  Buy the best products on the market whenever they are demonstrably superior and a tenth the price of what we can make.

The best trucks in the world aren't Kenworth/Peterbilt (now the same company).  They are MAN, KAMAZ, Mercedes and Volvo.  Jeep has a nice retro concept vehicle called a Nukizer 715.  It's geared a bit low, but I'd take one.

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