The greatest gun salesman in America for a reason.

Americans aren't stupid – and we aren't helpless.  If there is food in the stores and we feel safe, firearm ownership goes down.  As soon as we realize that we will have to defend our homes and families from the TSA thugs and, in many cases hunt our own food, we prepare to do that. It isn't a difficult transition. 

I don't like ANY of the Presidential candidates except Ron Paul and I don't think America ought to be in the business of making every sovereign nation in the world do what we tell them.  Every country that has EVER tried that has eventually fallen out of their leadership position and we are no different.  People just get tired of it.  We didn't 'Win' in Korea, Viet-Nam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else since WWII.  We merely wasted our national treasure, our national will, and our most patriotic and brave people in various meat-grinders for no reason but politicians' egos.  I'm tired of that and so ids everyone else that doesn't make billions from the waste of our lives.

I am prepared, insofar as possible, to be self-sufficient and not rely on the largesse of a government which doesn't care about me or my Constitutional rights.  I am, in fact, prepared to actively resist mandatory military imprisonment for suggesting that those rights even exist.  The people who believe in 'peace at the price of liberty' are enslaving themselves voluntarily.  Go ahead.  While you are being herded off to the camps, I will slip through the cracks. The low-hanging fruit is always picked first.


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