I shall now make some more friends.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and solve problems.  Weak, cowardly and ineffective people don't.  Instead, they beg their invisible pal in the sky to nullify all of the physical laws of the universe and help them at the expense of every other entity.  Naturally, it never happens.  WHY doesn't it happen?

(1) No one is listening.
(2) Your puny life isn't more important than anyone else's and certainly not worth stopping the universe.
(3) If God existed at all, His own rules say He can't have your soul until you are dead.  He wouldn't be very interested in saving your life if you were one of His flock, because you might change you mind later.  He'd grab you while he had the chance.  He'd only have a motive to save you if you were a Satanic twit – and then only if there was a chance of converting you at some future date – at which point he'd kill you immediately for your soul – unless you have a tattoo.

No one bothers to think about it but Satan, if He (or She) existed would have the only motive to SAVE you if you were a good, God-fearing person – so He (or She) could try to convert you – at which point you'd be a goner.  

Going to church every week and telling God how much you love Him is just asking for it.  Or it would be – but I think most people are screwed no matter what they do.  See, Jesus wasn't a Christian.  He was a Jew.  And what HE said was that Jews and ONLY JEWS who followed Him could go to Heaven and, of those, only 144,000 virgin boys would make it.  No women or dogs allowed. No gentiles. No one but Jews.  Are you still a virgin boy if your Catholic Priest pokes you in the butt?  Maybe Rick Santorum knows.

That's why Muslims and Latter Day Saints and whatnot had to make up saints who supposedly came after Jesus and changed HIS rules.  But Jesus didn't make a covenant with any of these people.  He SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED THEM ALL!  So either Jesus was a liar, or your Christian beliefs are bullshit and you are a dumbass for believing any of it.
All I can tell you is that if God exists and you are a good, God-fearing person, all your prayers are being answered by Satan.

Have a nice day!

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