Subs in the middle east and everywhere else.

Germany has sold Israel three more Dolphin Class diesel-electric submarines for a total of 6.

Dolphins have ten forward torpedo tubes including four 650 mm tubes and six 533mm tubes.  That gives Israel the ability to sea-launch 24 SLCM nuke-tipped cruise missiles without reloading and sink the entire Iranian navy at the same time. 

At the same time, Iran has 26 submarines including 3 Russian Kilos.  The rest are crappy Iranian-built midget submersibles which will likely sink immediately upon deployment. The ones that haven't sunk – the three Kilos – are probably deployed to the Strait of Hormuz area and won't last more than an hour if someone bangs the gong.  However, they MIGHT be deployed anywhere in the world.   The Iranians could easily deploy a few 'dirty' mines in the strait – or off the California coast – or anywhere along the East coast – and cause a huge mess.

Egypt has 8 subs – 4 October class missile boats and 4 new Ambassador class missile boats.  The Ambassador Class boats are armed like this:
  • Eight Boeing Harpoon SSM Block 1G in two quad pack canister launchers.
  • One United Defense Mk 75 76 mm/62 Super Rapid DP gun
  • One Raytheon RAM system consisting of the Mk49 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) and a Mk44 MOD 2 Block 1 guided missile round pack (supporting 21 canister mounted missiles)
  • One Raytheon Mk 15 Mod 21 Phalanx (Block 1B) 20 mm Phalanx CIWS
  • Two deck-mounted 7.62 mm M60 machine guns
  • AMBASSADOR CLASS?!?!?!?  I think they are mis-named.

Apparently we give this shit out to anyone who asks for it.  Let me dissect the logic of giving Egypt advanced weaponry IN EXCHANGE FOR THEM NOT ATTACKING ISRAEL.  It may take awhile – I'll get back to you.

Moving right along, the US conducts joint military exercises and provides military hardware to almost everyone in the middle east.  Our homes are being repossessed so we can keep doing that – and we are now being targeted as militants.  We who are Constitutionalists.  I think it is entirely ironic that a strong belief in the Constitution – the ONLY basis for ALL of our laws – makes us dangers to the 1%.  But it's true. We are a danger to the people who own everything because we made it possible for them to steal it from us.  They finally noticed that we are waking up.

Pakistan has some subs and is buying more.  India.  Syria decommissioned their Russian Romeo Class subs but are buying more from Russia and allows Russia to base submarines in Syrian ports.  

I suppose a map would be easier.  The green countries operate combat submarines, most of which can fire nuclear-tipped weapons.  The orange countries operate nuclear submarines armed with nuclear ICBMs.


Oops!  Hawaii is a target because of the boomers at Pearl Harbor.  Well, goodbye and good luck.

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