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This H/T goes to both Joseppi and Thomas – but the solution is mine.  
We can't get out of the wringer by using silver, gold or paper…or seashells or bullets as long as they are denominated in US dollars.  Someone will figure out a way to tax us out of it.  We CAN do it though, by using 'Community Currency' which is only good in one community or, at most, in one county or state. That will immediately end the federal monopoly as slaveowners.  I have proposed this numerous times. I don't think we have to use gold or silver.  First, most people don't HAVE gold or silver – the ones who do still think it's worth a fortune – which actually prohibits it's use in the community because it's valued in US fiat currency.  THAT IS THE WHOLE PROBLEM WITH PRECIOUS METAL!  It's BACKWARD!  For precious metal to be 'precious', fiat currency has to be backed by metal, not the other way around.  Right now the 'value' of PM can run up in dollars, but it can also run DOWN. Other nations and individual states are beginning to recognize that as long as everyone accepts dollars, which are not backed with anything but debt, they are getting screwed.
Why won't PM work as currency on a local level or after a fiat money crash?  Again, because EVERYONE WOULD HAVE TO HAVE SOME.  It's possible that a few local people might put together a local credit union and issue local currency backed by silver and/or gold.  But EVERYONE would immediately take that local currency to the bank and trade it for the metal – which they wouldn't spend. Of, if they circulated it, it would soon wear out and become worth less and less over time. So, after about a week, the currency wouldn't be backed by anything AGAIN.  Why bother trying to put that step in the process?  We don't have enough silver and gold to attempt to create a currency backed by it, so any such attempt is doomed to failure. 
EVERY PERSON in the US of A owes $50,000 that 99% of us can never… and will never pay. We can't even pay the interest on it.  That money was printed by the government and circulated.  It isn't backed by anything.  As long as we continue to let the government do that, we will be sold deeper and deeper into slavery every day – and most people don't even know it.  They think their PERSONAL debt is the only debt they owe.  That's not true.  The government can sell debt in your name without your knowledge.  And it does.  Every day.  All the way down to the local level.
That's why people want to be in politics.  If you make the rules, or pay someone else to make the rules you want, you think you are exempt from them.  "Do what I say, not what I do." And it's not a matter of taxation anymore. There is simple math involved here.  No government can spend more that it takes in in taxation.  That is spending imaginary money.  Our government BORROWS that imaginary money AND PAYS INTEREST ON IT.  If everyone in America were taxed at 100% we still couldn't pay off the debt.  We don't have enough jobs left to provide a positive cash flow.  And that simple, mathematical fact is why everyone is trying to steal all the money that's left.  When the economy crashes, there won't be any left.

I'm going to continue to posit solutions for problems and, eventually, someone is going to listen.  We can stop this criminal bullshit RIGHT NOW by keeping our money in our communities.  A bunch of states are getting ready to coin silver and gold money and we can do the same thing, in our communities, without anyone's permission except ours

We have local people who could make this happen.  Instead of burning hot air in the futile attempt to pass silly county charter amendments which never go anywhere, those individuals could, while they were still relevant, have established and financed a local currency – and convinced local people to trade in it.  That would have been productive.  They didn't, because THEY are so involved with dollars that they cannot de-couple or conceptualize what is actually needed on a local basis to thrive in a crashed-fiat-currency future.  I don't want to be a banker, but when it's time to step up, and everyone else is running in circles, I will. It's getting close.
I'll tell you what he next currency is going to be backed by:  Food calories, safety, a warm, dry place to sleep, a way to maintain sanitation and a job, even if it's farming. 
I mean REAL food, not the GMO-plastic shit the big corporations feed us. Know what this is…or was?  McDonalds' hamburgers. in fact, 70% of the meat products in the US are full of this shit.  People wonder why they are dying.

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