Obama puts his nose in again.

I just read on Huffpo about the child labor laws to keep 17 year-olds safe on farms and how a congressman from Montana is trying to fight the stupidity.  I was raised 60 years ago in Arkansas and Texas.  I worked on our farm and our friends' ranches.  I had a rifle when I was five and was driving a truck when I was seven.  I was brush-popping cattle by thirteen.  We all were.  The entire concept that the government is going to enforce child labor laws on farms is ludicrous given the number of seventeen year-olds in combat in the military.

Farm labor is typically comprised of family members and no one wants to see their kids get hurt.  But sure enough, the government is going to stop all that and keep kids from drinking fresh milk and eating fresh eggs and keep them nice and safe, and dumb, and have no sense of responsibility.  I'm so disgusted with the damn government that I really can't imagine complying with ANY law anymore just because it's a law.  They already read my email and peep into my windows.  If a bank or lender does me dirt, I still get evicted and they get my house, even though they literally stole it.  That's fine with the government.  But let my kid drive a tractor, and I get arrested?   It's OK to marry an 18 year-old girl from another country, though.  That's perfectly fine.  But when my seventeen year old sone comes home from Marine boot camp enroute to Afghanistan, he can't milk a cow or the child labor laws kick in.

I'll tell ya, this country is getting just a bit too liberal and conservative for me.  You dumbass whackos keep your radical opinions, no matter what end of the spectrum they come from, to yourself.  Don't tell me I can't drink raw milk when ALL of the apple juice I can buy is Chinese and full of arsenic.  So is most of the rice. (Consumer Reports, current edition) 

Don't tell me I have to go yo your church and kiss the ass of your imaginary pal in the sky.  Don't tell my queer friends they can't get married or my daughter can't get a morning after pill if she wants one.  When did it become your business?   For that matter, don't tell me that I can't defend my home against violent intruders without being prosecuted.

Don't send the military to drag me or anyone else off to indefinite detention on suspicion of being suspicious. I live on a legally declared battlefield and I carry my raw milk with me!


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