Hawaii dumbasses ran the Superferry into bankruptcy.

Then the Navy buys them cheap and operates them out of Hawaii.  No whales are saved, and the stupid people who caved to Matson will be stuck when there is no way off these rocks. http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/Hawaiian-SuperFerry-Files-for-Bankruptcy-05472/?utm_medium=textlink&utm_term=continuereading&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_source=did&utm_content=Hawaii+Superferry+%7C+UAV+Aerial+Refueling+%7C+India%27s+C-17s+%7C+E-2D+%7C+EA-18G&date_sent=2012-02-03+13%3A50%3A20

Time for yet another reality check.

The concept of establishing a base on the moon is typical political nonsense.  The United States, as a nation, does not have the present ability to send a human to the International Space Station, or return one from there – a distance about the same as a straight flight from Oahu to the Big island; […]