Why you are set in your beliefs.

H/T Joemama Arredondo – a correspondent who usually prefers anonymity.  Probably a secret anarchist or a damn intellectual.  🙂

Today, my friends, we are again witnessing a national spectacle in politics with citizens, who seem to lack basic critical reasoning faculties, engaging in a process of choosing who will lead them in the future. Here is a study that illuminates why these citizens can get emotionally involved in the politics of ideology in America. Joe

“Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice

Polling data and social and political science research do show that prejudice is more common in those who hold right-wing ideals that those of other political persuasions…..

Also a study of left-wing liberals with stereotypically naïve views like “every kid is a genius in his or her own way,” might find that people who hold these attitudes are also less bright. In other words, it might not be a particular ideology that is linked to stupidity, but extremist views in general.”


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