The height of stupidity.

No, really.  This is as stupid as anything I have ever read.  And I have the answer.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — The paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne's 4th Brigade, deploying to Afghanistan later this month, are headed into a unique and delicate mission that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta hinted at this week:

They are going as much to talk as to fight. And that includes talking with the Taliban.  “The Taliban are going to have a role in post-war Afghanistan,'' said Col. Brian Mennes, who commands the 3,300 troopers of the 4th Brigade. “They are Afghans. They are there — it's just physics!'' When the brigade later takes up positions south and west of Kandahar, where the Taliban presence has been strong and violent, Mennes will have a simple message for the Taliban: “We'd prefer not to have to kill you … what do you need not to fight?''

Make no mistake: His paratroopers are trained and ready to kill, and have proven themselves over multiple combat tours in Afghanistan. Mennes, a tall muscular man with a booming command voice, has led special operations units on counter-terrorism missions in Afghanistan since 2001 and commanded a battalion of paratroopers there on a 15-month deployment in 2008.

He knows many Taliban are sick of fighting and are not strong idealogues. But they plant deadly IEDs, ambush patrols, take down American troopers and Afghan government officials with sniper fire. Nonetheless, Mennes will want to know: “What's it going to take for us not to kill each other?'' 

That's actually a pretty simple question.  The answer is:  “GET THE FV** OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.”

I mean, really…the US military has a whole country full of it's own poor citizens to kidnap and terrorize, courtesy of the Republicans and a cowardly President.  Why waste time occupying a foreign country?  We have plenty of very poor Americans who should be killed instead of enjoying the 'safety net' of social welfare we have provided for them.  It used to be called PRISON.


90% of success is showing up.  Getting the math right is the other 50%.

Aut viam inveniam aut  faciamaut viam inveniam aut faciam.

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