Oh, good. Conventional firearms have just been relegated to the dustbin of history.

MILITARY Self-guided bullet could hit laser-marked targets from a mile away By Jan Belezina 13:44 January 31, 2012 10 Comments 2 Pictures The self-guided bullet developed by Sandia National Laboratories has been fitted with an LED, to check if the embedded battery and control electronics can survive the flight Image Gallery (2 images) The 9mm is No […]

You have been drafted. American citizens are now either militiamen (and women) or insurgents.

It remains the position of many conservatives and, I suspect, the Conservative Forum of Hawaii, that the NDIA merely codifies the ability of the US to defend against terrorism on American soil.  That isn't true.  What it actually does is move the responsibility for counterterrorism or SUSPECTED POTENTIAL TERRORISM, or even SUSPECTED SUPPORT OF POTENTIAL […]