And, with the extra troops, we can suppress the American public.

Of course it makes no sense to go to war with Iran to keep oil flowing to America.  We are already facing economic ruin, and that would merely accelerate it.  We will have no homes left, no jobs and no viable economy – the entire reason the government is ratcheting up the TSA. The reason American soil has been declared a 'battlefield'.  Not to protect us, but to control us.  Now we are going to strike Iran.  China, which owns most of our debt, and Russia, have both told the US and Israel not to do it.  They have strategic interests too, and theirs coincide with Iran as well as with us.

What will happen?  The US is already deploying purpose-built (and purpose NAMED) weapons designed to take out Iran's nuclear facilities.

What is also clear is that Panetta's statements are not quite true.  Every explosives engineer in the world knows how to break rock.  You do that by sequencing explosives to go off at slightly different times to create a rolling shock wave.  It's certainly possible to sequence several warheads in one conventional munition, and one can assume that the additional $82 million dollars Boeing got to 'enhance' the Iran bomb is for that purpose.  But these things are designed to ride two-per B-2, so sequencing a second one down the hole after the first one is likely the strategy. We supposedly have twenty 'Iran' bombs, but we have substantially more than that and multiple delivery systems, although I'd hesitate to put B-52s over Iran. If the Iranian facilities are no deeper than a few hundred feet, that would do it – and we have a cute nuclear bunker buster that could go down third and just about guarantee the result.  

Unfortunately, it's not the result we want.  It's the result Israel wants, but it is a pre-failed strategy.  We are joined at the hip with Israel for many reasons, not the least of which is their willingness to rebuild nuclear warheads for us.  That's necessary because nuclear warheads degrade quite rapidly.  By outsourcing that job, or part of it, Israel insures that it has a stock of nuclear weapons in the pipeline ready to go – at our expense.  And Israel gets the newest technology from us to do it.  In 2006-7, they destroyed some of their old centrifuges testing the STUXNET virus – and got new ones.  Two years later, the Iranian centrifuges (cans) started self-destructing.  The virus had been in their systems for over a year, working slowly.  Stuxnet, a modular design, is brilliant – at least the current 2012 version is.  It is an order of magnitude more advanced than the 2008 versions, most of which are still undiscovered. And which Iran still cannot get rid of so it has resorted to ripping out entire computer and control systems and replacing them. Also a pre-failed strategy.

Still, it's an act of war, and merely makes Iran more determined rather than dissuading them. If they need more nukes, the Pakis have quite a few and their borders adjoin – which is why we are in Afghanistan and trying to be allies with Pakistan (which will never work).  We are trying to keep the lids on too many cans of worms (double pun not intended).

Michael Klare, writing in Tomgram, explains the corner we are painting ourself into and wonders why the President keeps calling for more paint.

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