Here it comes.

There is only so much the Liar-in-chief can do to keep the lid on.  Thanks to for keeping the facts flowing. 

My advice is exactly the opposite of theirs, however.  Nicole Foss continues to tell people to get out of debt, but that simply helps bail out the banks – not the 99%.  Ashvin's commentary made that pretty clear in the last post.

My suggestion is that you pull all your 'bubble' money out of your home at 3% and, when the bubble bursts, demand an accommodation from the lender which reflects a mark-to-market of your loan.  If they refuse, walk away and use the cash to buy another home at 80% off.  Sure that's gaming the system, but the system is gaming you.  You can't win, but you can cut your losses and their profits.  Once you have been sold into slavery, as seems to have happened, playing by someone else's rules no longer makes sense.

I didn't do that – exactly.  I took my 'bubble' money out and bought non-titled durable goods which are increasing in value faster than my home is losing value.  And which I can use or barter as required.  I have no idea why people are still buying precious metals but I hope they keep running the price up.  I don't own any but when THAT bubble bursts I can have all I want for a couple of meals – If I want any at all.  So far I don't – except one old 1883 silver dollar I've kept for years as a keepsake. 

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