Responding to Newts stance on gay marriage, I say:

It's simpler that that, Newt.  Marriage, in the Bible, and in your newly-adopted Catholic religion is between A man and A woman.  Not between you and all your staffers one at a time.  Even Callista would be down the road if you hadn't had that $500,000 credit line at Tiffany's for her – and God knows how much she has spent on plastic surgery. That 'surprised' look she totes now is a bit disconcerting.  Maybe mining moon dust will pay the bills – Romney's taxes sure won't.

This is the worst election year in American history.  There are no good choices and there aren't even any bad choices.  The LAPD and army are conducting joint urban warfare exercises over LA.  The Constitution is shredded.  The country has no friends left and is bankrupt – and when corporations became people, people became ants.

150 MILLION American are now up-armed.  100 MILLION of us are former military.  We aren't going to be marched into eternal poverty for the likes of you one-percenters.

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