More about Christians and Mormons.

The difference between Paganism and Christianity is that Paganism doesn't require you to kill witches and gays, or to kill unruly children, or to stone your daughter or wife for 'playing the whore' or to stick awls through your slaves' ears, or pretend that the kool-aid and cracker you get at Mass doesn't turn to Jesus' flesh and blood in your mouth.

I'm pretty sure that Jesus was using hyperbole at the last supper when he used bread and wine as examples of how to remember Him when people partake of them.  I think He said to eat these things  'in remembrance of me'….not “Eat Me”.   I mean, He wasn't hacking off His body parts and passing them around the table.

OK, so the Mormons are probably all terrorist suspects because they keep a years' supply of food stockpiled – but that somehow makes a lot of sense to me.  At least they don't think their imaginary pal in the sky is a chicken nugget.

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