Here is the REAL state of the union over the past two days.

The President gives the “GO” order to Seal Team 6 to rescue hostages in Somalia.  The team is told to move, NOW.  One of them busts a light in New York and happens to be carrying a firearm.  Yeah.  They do that when they are told to go.  The NYPD tosses the SEAL in a psychiatric ward because NO ONE CAN CARRY A FIREARM IN NEW YORK!  An hour later, the charges have been 'deferred', the SEAL is out of jail and back on the mission and it is successful.  The story is covered up, but not until it made the news. No one connected the SEAL team assembling with an operation the next day.

Rand Paul, a US Senator and the son of a Presidential candidate busts a metal detector on his way back to the senate.  He offers to go back through the detector, but refuses a pat-down.  He is detained, misses his flight, and eventually, when the dumbass TSA people are told to let him go, they release him WITHOUT THE PATDOWN.

The CONgress has declared the US mainland as a 'battlefield' and has given the President the authority to order the unlimited detention without hearing and extraordinary rendition of American citizens from American soil.  The President signed it into law.  The military is being brought back from useless foreign wars in order to 'pacify' the American people while the ghettoes are created.  UAVs are now deployed over the 'battlefield' which used to be the Land of the Free.

It ought to be obvious to everyone by now that we are in a fight for our freedom and we are losing.  That's amazing.  The Millionaire's congress only enjoys a 12% approval rating – so they are passing draconian laws to stay in power and we are letting them.  The President is shredding our rights as American citizens and we are letting him. When do we just say “NO”?

How long do you think it will be until the Russians and Chinese start smuggling serious weapons into the US?  They will, because we did the same thing to them through proxies.  And they will foment civil unrest – because we did it to them and we are still doing it.  It could all be stopped tomorrow if we could stop bickering among ourselves and become a free people again; if the Congress would understand that it can't spend more than it takes in in taxes, and that throwing people out of their jobs and homes is destroying the tax base.  That these stupid laws and the militarization of the police is setting neighbor against neighbor.  That prosecuting working people for nothing while allowing rich people and powerful politicians to flaunt the law isn't a measure of equality. 

The government is still stuck in the war on prohibition. They keep re-naming the 'war' but it's still the same war.  In fact, I'm not at all sure we aren't still fighting the Civil War.  Except it's about to become a nuclear war with Iran.  Iran.  Which has no way to invade us.  Which is not a danger to us.  Like Iraq wasn't.  Like Afghanistan wasn't.  Like Pakistan isn't.  Let's just kill 'em all anyway.  Let's finish the crusades with bigger weapons.

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