We now live in a declared war zone.

That means something – and not necessarily what Lindsay Graham and that old coot McCain intended – or maybe they did.  But one thing we do know is that Obama signed it – after making sure he had complete AND SOLE authority to implement it.

Doesn't establishing in law that the US mainland is a war zone allow anyone who feels the need to go armed, and protect themselves, their families and their homes against forceable intrusion and attack by terrorists?  Why else would the homeland be codified as a war zone?

How can anyone now believe that the people kicking down their doors are really police officers and not terrorists who have stolen police uniforms?  Or that they really have a reasonable-cause warrant signed by a judge who had jurisdiction? 

They cannot – because the law specifically says detention and rendition do not require the approval of the judge of a civilian court.  Anyone in a military uniform can kidnap anyone and no protections for innocents against this exist in law.

Cannot everyone now defend themselves anywhere within the declared war zone against attacks by co-opted military forces or hired mercenaries?  Because Obama has just signed a piece of legislation which says individuals no longer have any civil rights except the ones they can enforce themselves.  We cannot depend on our own military to defend us.

If Colonel Klink wants my farm, he can send a squad to 'disappear' my family as terrorists – and it's not even my word against his – I no longer get to say anything about it.  I can't demand to see the warrant.  He doesn't need one. 

I can't call the President's office to ask if he approved my rendition.  There is no one anyone can ask, and there are no safeguards against the abuse of the law.  Any base commander can quietly set themselves up as warlords – and that is exactly what will happen. 

You will just disappear.  No one has to account for you – you are gone or dead.  There is no recourse but one.  Don't go.  There aren't enough military to kill all of us.  And of those who try, I can only hope that most of them will disobey the orders – but I know from history that it never happens that way. 

If the President intended to start another civil war, I think he has probably succeeded.  The imaginary FEMA concentration camps will now become reality.

But we have been warned.  We now live in a war zone.  We can fight and die or surrender and die.

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