The Costa Concordia file continues.

The ship is slipping toward it's final resting place at 7mm an hour.  When it slides off the ledge it's on now, the first bump – about halfway to the bottom – will burst the fuel bunkers.  2,300 tonnes of bunker oil is 500,000 gallons.  Captain Shit-tuna should be chained to the helm and given […]

We now live in a declared war zone.

That means something – and not necessarily what Lindsay Graham and that old coot McCain intended – or maybe they did.  But one thing we do know is that Obama signed it – after making sure he had complete AND SOLE authority to implement it. Doesn't establishing in law that the US mainland is a […]

Obama letter.

Iran says Obama sent them a back-channel letter.  Obama says he didn't.  I think he did.  I cannot speak to the existence of the letter; but I can speak to the overt psychological profile of the President as regards the purported contents of the letter.  Pro: It exactly follows the President's propensity to attempt to diffuse difficult […]

The indefinite detention act. – Teachable Moments

I have been threatened by a radical muslim group.  It is my working assumption that anyone wanting to 'disappear' me or forcibly enter my home must be a terrorist.  Worse, they are possibly terrorists posing as police officers.  I'm not a criminal, so no government officer has any reason to try to 'disappear' me or execute a […]

The indefinite detention act.

If Bradley Manning had just been 'disappeared', along with Julian Assange and the Wikileaks staff, how much simpler would it have been to sweep them from the public consciousness?  VERY easy.  They would have never made the news at all. That's what this 'indefinite detention' thing is about.  It has nothing to do with terrorism […]