Scam attempt just occurred.

All Hawaii residents:

Scam attempt:

I just received a call from a person purporting to be from a company called 'Green Energy'.  He tried to offer me a free solar installation, but wanted personal information.  I asked him where he was calling from.  He said “Honolulu”.  My caller ID said Romania.   The number he called from was +40300104687.  I asked for a call-back number and he said they didn't have an inbound 800 line, but from Honolulu that wouldn't matter.

He had the following:

My name, Last name first, then a first of Tom. 
He knew my city of residence and zip code.

He asked if I was the owner, did I have good credit, how much was my electric bill and did that include the natural gas bill.  Since we have only one service provider and no natural gas, I realized the call was bogus and attempted to obtain a website or call-back number, but was unsuccessful.  I terminated the call without providing any additional information. 

This is for information only. They are calling numbers in Hawaii right now.  They are not strong English speakers.

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