Todays good news.

Franken-mosquitoes, genetically modified to eradicate Dengue fever
seem to work. But they also don’t die when they are supposed to –
like the Replicants in Bladerunner. At least not all of them.
British biotech firm Oxitec released 6,000 of them into the wild in
Malaysia in 2010. I guarantee there will be unintended consequences.

Researchers in different countries have created a really neat type of
H5N1 pandemic virus which is really fatal and really easy to transmit.
Keep at it guys, Once Captain Trips gets out of the laboratory, our
energy problems are over.

A totally drug-resistant strain of Tuberculosis is loose in the wild.
It was first identified in Italy in 2007, Iran in 2009 and is now
loose in India.

Trangenic canola, resistant to herbicide, is loose in the wild in a
couple of states – hell, all over the damn world. Canola is more
closely related to weeds than anything else, and cross-breeds easily
with half a dozen different varieties. So now the weeds which Roundup
and others were designed to kill have the same resistance to it as the
GMO crop seeds that Monsanto has been making a fortune from. When the
seeds from these wild frankenberries blow onto your farm and take over
your crop, Monsanto can sue you for infringing it’s patents.

The stock market is still going up on imaginary good news.

I have a prediction:

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