It may not be that difficult to revert to cave dwelling after all.

Bone Daddy: A meaty new way to shoot your booze The butcher and the
bartender rarely work together.
But a drinking ritual from Portland, Oregon, is forging an especially
close relationship between beef and booze.
Brilliantly dubbed the “bone luge,” the process is simple and, in true
21st-century style, has a Twitter tag and a Tumblr. Take a roasted
marrow bone that has been split lengthwise, consume the marrow, and
use the emptied furrow to channel wine or spirits into the luger’s
mouth. Odd? Most definitely. Delicious? Absolutely.
Since devising the luge with friends a little more than a year ago as
a tequila-fueled joke, Jacob Grier has heard of lugers sledding at Bar
and Kitchen in Los Angeles, Prime Meats in Brooklyn and Euclid Hall in
Portland’s Metrovino, where Grier tends bar, recently added
luge-friendly pairings to its menu, though Grier says he’ll be
surprised if the bone luge receives formal acceptance at many more
places. “You’re going into a nice restaurant and doing this slightly
insane, highly inappropriate drinking ritual,” Grier says.
Denver diners luge Manhattan shots; in other cities, options have
ranged from reposado tequila to Madeira. But sherry is the big winner:
Grier recommends Valdespino “Contrabandista” Amontillado because
“sherry has a lower proof and a little sweetness,” he says. “It plays
really well with the marrow’s meaty, fatty flavor.”
This is one downward spiral we heartily sanction.

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